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Hey guys I want to share with you a spreadsheet I made for playing the football squares game and this way everything is gonna be automated and you can share it with anyone over the internet so that you can just play from anywhere so let me show you how it works so this is the the squares where everyone selects the squares over here is gonna be the list of players that's gonna be playing and over here it's gonna show the winners so it's pretty straightforward how it works so the first thing you want to do is you want to type in the name of one of the teams so let's put the Seahawks and over here we'll put in the New England England Patriots okay so and then let's start typing in the list of players who plays so I'm going to type in a random list I'll just do the cast from friends Chandler Monica Rachel and Phoebe cool so you type in everyone's names and then you type in over here the cost per square so put $20 and then from here everyone's gonna start selecting squares right so we're gonna have a drop-down menu and this drop-down menus gonna come from and from the list of players over here so if you add any any players here then the names automatically gonna show up so this makes it really easy for anyone to select their name so I'm just gonna go ahead and start picking some random names on here so I'm just gonna go ahead and sure and Monaco then I'm just gonna copy and paste this all the Cross actually because it doesn't really matter for this example and then let's see that's big for and then you'll notice every time okay okay so now I've filled in all of the squares using the drop-down menu and you'll notice what happens is that it automatically counts the number of squares each person has and then how much each person owes so Joey here has 20 has 20 squares Neos 400 bucks 20 square chandler only got 10 he only knows 200 and so forth okay so once everyone has their squares selected what you're gonna go do to start the game is you're going to go to this randomized numbers tab so click here and then what we're gonna do is we're going to randomize the numbers from 0 through 9 randomized range cool now the game is ready to start now all you have to do from now on is at the end of each quarter just fill in the score so let's say it's 17 Seahawks and 14 Patriots and so the last digit is 7 and 4 4 so Seahawks have seven and then Patriots have four and so the winner is Joey and then so it's automatically gonna spit out the winner right over here so let's say now it's 15 to 22 so 5 ...

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